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Mannimae 1,
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Are you tired of running to the office whenever you need to make an urgent document? Then Fastboss is for you! Using your voice and smartphone, issue documents adapted to your business needs.
Is your business more outdoor than in the office? Are you traveling a lot? Fastboss is a CRM+Virtual Assistant+document generator in one hand. All your business docs keeper in one safe place in the cloud. Access them anywhere, use it anytime. Generate new docs to your business requirements. There is no need to stop your business because of paperwork overloading. Make more sales and be more productive. This assistant will help you organize documents and schedule meetings.
Cross-platform- is available on PC and smartphones.
You can issue business documents on the go and hands-free, even while you are traveling or on holiday, anywhere you can not use your computer.
The app is customized for any business area (selling or service providing).
Access by voice instantly your documents, and listen to your Digital Virtual Assistant using the best innovative App. Use Artificial Intelligence and solve your daily tasks anywhere and anytime. The memory is cloud-based, available 24/7. Your user account is fully secured.
Create unlimited personalized templates on the PC desktop dashboard, and start generating documents from your device.
The Fastboss app is fully integrated with editing software and auto-fill function. Users may import or export templates, documents, or formed databases in any available format: txt, dox, CSV, pdf. The documents may be attached to some useful promotional catalogs or presentations to be sent to the customers.
Easy to use the app, the account can store all information about your business, customers, company, and personal profile.
The CRM system is adapted for customers, products, services and partners information. Impress your customers while using the Fastboss app. Prove your seriousness and competence with instantly issued docs by your Virtual Assistant. You will show a serious attitude and how fast you can close the deal. This will help you improve your sales and get your customer confidence.
The Virtual Assistant will issue documents even if you are driving, and you can’t see your smartphone. All generated documents first will be reviewed, and after you will send them anywhere you need, by any channel- like email or any mobile apps for sharing.
We offer you 15 documents free trial, so you can convince yourself how useful is Fastboss app.
Subscriptions can be managed through your dashboard account. It is not possible to refund or cancel a subscription during the period.

Be a Faster Boss for your business!
Enjoy it!


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Mannimae 1,
Pudisoo , Harju 74626 ESTONIA

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